About Arista Support Services

Arista Enterprises offers unmatched support services. Our highly skilled engineers will employ a variety of remote management/monitoring tools to your network. These devices allow us to swoop in and save the day when everything goes haywire. Our goal is help you stay productive!

What is HelpDesk?

HelpDesk is a website that provides the vehicle to submit problem tickets or put in specific requests. Your issues are important to us and our goal is to get you back into action as fast as possible. If your organization has a remote management tool, we would have the ability to address the problem remotely. Let Arista Enterprises be your go to for fast and reliable customer service and support!

What is Inventory?

When we are tasked with managing certain devices, we will inventory those devices safely in the cloud so only you and your employees can access them. That way, when submitting a support ticket, you can simply pick your device from the list. Comprehensive hardware and software asset discovery takes the guesswork out of what’s deployed across your organization by generating flexible reports with information about the exact hardware and software configuration of each machine or device so that you can make smart business decisions and remain up to date and compliant.

What is RemoteManagement?

  • Passive Monitoring Clients – These are small devices which monitor the status of network and network equipment. Since they are usually small to conserve electricity, they are unable to manage the network and purely act as a monitoring node.
  • Active Management Clients – These are small to medium sized devices which sit hard-wired to your network. These clients can be accessed via remote applications employed by Arista Engineers. Remote management can be useful for issue resolution and crisis management.

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