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Cybersecurity is making sure data and computer systems are secure. If a computer programmer or engineer somehow managed to hack into a computer, they would have access to whatever information they had on that computer. Sometimes clever hackers can gain access to entire computer networks by getting into one of that network’s computers.


In order to receive the internet wirelessly, a network is needed. To connect Wi-Fi devices, like computers and phones, to the internet, a wireless router is used to connect to the modem, which provides internet.

To strengthen the internet’s wireless signal or expand its reach, Wi-Fi extenders can be placed to maximize the signals potential.


When computers are connected together, either wirelessly or with cables, and they are able to communicate with each other, that’s Networking!

At Arista Enterprises, we network our computers so that we can interact with our servers to maintain the data held there and keep our computer system robust, among a variety of other reasons.

unified communication

Forms of communication, such as video conferencing, data sharing or even emails or cell phones, need to be coordinated properly for any business to be a success. To do this, how they are used is arranged in such a way to bring the best out of the employees, making your business efficient, reliable and strong.

data center solutions

Data Center Solutions are not just limited to keeping a strong internet connection. Some computers and servers can be used to store and backup data and information. In some instances, physical servers are used along with Cloud-based solutions, storing data in their own small, private internet.

Not only does Arista Enterprises use these solutions, but they also can also facilitate providing the components for a business or office space.

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