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Security is the state of being safe and free from danger. Cybersecurity is the state of a computer being safe and free from danger. While most people are concerned with possessions and valuables, like furniture or jewelry, being secure, Cybersecurity is making sure data and computer systems are secure. If a computer programmer or engineer somehow managed to hack into a computer (breaking and entering), they would have access to whatever information they had on that computer. Sometimes clever hackers can gain access to entire computer networks by getting into one of that network’s computers. 

Good security systems, like motion sensors and alarms in a house, can make all the difference with computers as well, such as a good firewall or up-to-date anti-virus software. It can also help for a computer user to be aware of scams. For instance, e-mails can sometimes appear to be warning you of a legitimate threat and ask you to send your e-mail username and password to see if your account may be in danger. This is like a thief dressed like a police officer coming to your house warning you of some burglaries in the area. Sometimes a regular person recognizing a real threat or a fake one makes all the difference too.

Arista Enterprises can assist in acquiring and providing certain protocols and precautions to maintain Computer Security. We even offer a Cybersecurity Training program, to help users better identify and be aware of potential threats.